Woori Electric Co.,Ltd.

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Woorl Elec companys


Company History

  • now-2012

    ● Moved Head Office and Plant to Incheon City Bupyeong-gu for Expansion of Business.
    ● Economic Focus 2017 Small and Medium Industry Technology Award.
    ● Reddot Award 2017 Design Award.
    ● Recognition by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
        (Contribution to National Industrial Development Contribution Award - No. 118414)
    ● Selected as a Specialized Company for Material Parts
        (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
    ● Job Learning Concurrent System Company(P-TECH Participating Companies)
    ● Military Service Military Service Designated Special Company.
    ● Obtained Cork KC, CE, JAPAN TELEC, EAC Radio Wave Certification.
    ● Patent Pending Registration No. 10-1639391.
    ● Cork (Bluetooth Speaker) Released
    ● Signed Agreement with Incheon National University on Industry-Academia Cooperation

  • 2010

    ● Patent Pending Registration No. 10-1208479
    ● Patent Pending Registration No. 10-1463136
    ● Design Registration No. 30-0673848
    ● Commendation from Small and Medium Business Administration
        (Mold Industry Development Achievement Award)
    ● Selected as a Technology Innovation Small and Medium Industry (INNO-BIZ)
    ● Established Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2014)
    ● Obtained ANVISA Certification in Brazil.
    ● Medical Equipment Manufacturing License (KFDA)
    ● Launched SMART LANCE (Lancing Device)
    ● Established Material Molding (Press) Division / Mass Production
    ● Intelligent Mechatronics, Gyeonggi Council Member.

  • 2009-2008

    ● Established company affiliated R&D Center.
    ● Established Quality Management System (ISO13485:2003/AC:2009).
    ● (Corporate Judicial Person) Mould Engineering Association Special Members.
    ● Korea Mould Cooperatives Registered Member.
    ● Utility Model Application Registration No. 20-0452143
    ● Patent Pending Registration No. 10-0820253
    ● Signed Agreement with Yuhan University on Industry-Academia Cooperation.
    ● Signed Agreement with Induk University on Industry-Academia Cooperation.

  • 2007-2006

    ● Moved Head Office and Plant to Bucheon City for Expansion of Business.
    ● Established Quality Management System (ISO13485:2003, ISO9001:2008).
    ● Established Project and Operation Division for Medical Equipments Related
        Injection Molding.
    ● Developed Connectors for Glucometers and Applied to Mass Production
        (Design and Development)

  • 2005

    ● Established WOORI ELEC Company.
    ● Started Operation of Mass Production Line for Medical Device Assembly / Production